What is IALM?

Hello & Welcome to I'm A Local Mummy! 

I'm A Local Mummy is an Interactive digital download Magazine. 

Here you will experience LOCAL like NEVER before! Download your instant digital copy right now, and save it to use anytime and anywhere! Each Issue contains:

*Pass The Mic (features)

*4 Printable & collectable mantra cards for mum's.

*Printable Colouring in pages 

*Local Life submissions 

*Recipes & more!


Issue 01 was inspired by my own personal experience as a small business owner who faced some unexpected Covid news and decided to pivot my business entirely. 

I wanted to delve deep into the minds of the already established + newly established brands and how they were handling it and staying motivated. Every business has a story behind it, and every story deserves to be heard. 

I was so inspired by each feature, and the idea of IALM was so well received, that we now have a waiting list of features + multiple Issues in the making!

Along with featuring the amazingly talented and hardworking women and mum's here in NZ, I also will be using this space to talk about things I never heard anyone talk about when I was growing up or when I was pregnant.. like Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and Post Natal Depression for example.


I'd love to hear your feedback, send me a DM or email and i'll get in touch ASAp! Thank you for supporting me LM's <3





*This is not a physical product.